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All in one solution
for App monetization

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  • Pirated Installs

  • Ad Mediation

  • Data

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Extra revenue

Get extra revenue with the Single SDK

  • Fast Integration

    Integrate just one tiny SDK manually or upload you app and use automatic integration

  • Flexible monetization

    Adjust revenue strategy of your app and feel free to change it any time without need to re-integrate SDK. Rocket boost your revenue!

  • Reports and Insights

    Clear actionable statistics — plus get insights and hints on how to increase your app's LTV.

Start getting revenue

Switch on to estimate your revenue

Switch on to estimate your revenue

Start getting revenue
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Success Stories

  • Private Large Android Publisher
  • Eugene Pestov Director, Zheka Pty, Ltd.
  • Private Large Android Publisher


Ready to evelevate your
revenue to the new level?

Start getting revenue

We are here to help you

  • A single dashboard to rule them all
    • One-click changes to your monetization strategy
    • Custom reporting and strategy suggestions
    • Hints on how to increase revenue
  • Mediation, explained
    • All popular formats
    • Demand sources for consistent global traffic
    • A true maximum eCPM strategy
  • Piracy detection and monetization
    • Analytics and insights on your pirated installs
    • Full disclaimer for end-users
    • Turn-key monetization
  • Anonymous Data Monetization
    • Additional monetization without the use of ads
    • Customize data points that work with your app(s) and users
    • Free reporting and insights
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